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The car is a self propelled 2 axle driven vehicle and is used for periodical inspection, patrolling and maintenance of traction over head equipment. It is also useful for attending sites of break down/ restoration of damaged over head equipment. It is also used to erect small lengths of catenary and repair damaged contact wires.


  • Suitable for a speed of 110kmph
  • High efficiency final drives
  • Available in 1676,1435,1067 and 1000mm gages
  • Suitable for axle loads of 17.25 tons

[expand title=”Technical Specifications:“]

Number of power packs  Two
Type of power pack  Under slung
Starting traction effort  97 kN
Maximum operating speed  110 km/h
Maximum test speed   125 km/h


[expand title=”Diesel Engine:“]

Model   NT 855 R
Make Cummins India Limited, Pune


[expand title=”Transmission:“]

Model   CRT UP 102
Make SAN

[expand title=”Axle Drive Gear Box:“]

Make   M/s. SAN – helical & bevel
Gear ratio  3.671: 1


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Communique – Quarterly News Bulletin

Education and Health support to differently abled

The company is supporting the special training, health care and education of visually challenged persons. These specially designed trainings and support programmes assist the persons with disability to become independent, confident and self reliant, thus helping them to integrate into mainstream of society.

Employment enhancing vocational training

We support vocational training of less educated unemployed youth of age group 18 – 25 by associating with ‘Unnati’ of SGBS Trust, an organisation established to provide employment oriented training. Unnati trains both male and female youths in various disciplines like retail sales, marketing, office assistant, guest care, field service, beauticians etc., which enhances the employability of these youths. Apart from giving basic vocational training, Unnati also guides the students with life skills, communication skills, personal and community values which builds self confidence in them and makes them employable. At the end of the training period these students gets assured placements in reputed organizations.

Eradication of Hunger and Support to Primary Education

The company, through its CSR initiative and the voluntary contributions of employees, is supporting the mid-day meal programme of Akshaya Patra Foundation in seven government schools covering over 1,500 school children every day. This program aims at providing a sumptuous & nutritional meal to the school children as a result the children are drawn to the schools, thus have a chance to get educated. The unlimited meals eradicate hunger to a great extent and helps children to focus on the school lessons and learn as much as possible.